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Introduction to the Blog

Dakota Koenig

Growing up as a young-gay-boy in the cornfield-bound midwest, I dreamt of a future full of novelties and constant learning. New people, new ideas, and new places all strike me as an opportunity to engage with and learn more about the world around me. Traveling and international experiences have always been a refuge from daily banalities and passions in my life.

In over a decade of global traveling, I have visited twenty-three countries and have lived for a time in Hong Kong, Hungary, and the United States. In each of these settings, I have struggled to find a  reference list of places or events that would be of interest to visit in my free time.


After finding the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz from a local second-hand bookstore, I was inspired to create my take on the idea. Therefore, I have crafted a comprehensive travel guide with over 6,500 destinations from around the world. For each site on the list that I have personally visited, I will compose a thoroughly researched guide with important historical information, site descriptions, and personal travel recommendations 


These guides consist of the most unique and captivating destinations in each region that any explorer may want to consider visiting. I started this passion project not so much to "check them all" so to speak. Instead, I wished to create a thoroughly researched personal reference for monumental sites for any country I may travel to in the future. I hope that you may also find this resource helpful in your travel planning and provide you with inspiration 


So I have just one question for you...

Where Will You Travel Next?

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