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How Many A Nomad's Guide to the Planet Sites Have You Visited?

Find out how to craft your own journey below 

Craft Your Own Journey

Some followers have reached out and wished to know how I composed this extensive site list and if they could have easy access to the list. Therefore, I have created an interactive spreadsheet via Microsoft Excel to provide users a personalized experience. Each of the geographic locations found on this website along with a complete list of sites within the locations.

This interactive Excel model begins with no sites marked completed and allows users to input locations around the world that they have visited. It is an easy to use method for keeping track of how many sites you have explored worldwide and a compiled location of ideas for future endeavors. Just mark where you have been or where you are traveling now and watch your travel list depict your progress. In this file you will gain interactive access to the entire A Nomad's Guide to the Planet, ability to show your own progress, and include additional sites to your bucket list!

Interested in an easy to use tool to craft your own journey around the world? 

Please input your contact information below and I will get back to you on payment methods and how to receive the file link



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Below you will find instructions on how to utilize A Nomad's Guide to Craft Your Own Journey

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Step 3

Locate an entity and site you have visited. For this example, I am using Alabama and Gulf Shores Beaches. Currently, all of the sites have a "0" with a red background next to them which indicates that the site is unvisited. To input your progress, select the "0" next to the designated sight and type a "1" into the cell.  This will transform the green and automatically update the "Visited" sections of the entity and region.

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Step 1

Begin by launch the file and you will be taken to the Craft Your Own Journey Home page. Here you will find the total sites indicated that have traveled to as well as the total number of sites and the percent progress. In the beginning, the map will completely be dark blue in color. As you travel to more places, the countries you have visited will become a lighter shade until completely disappearing. At the top is a list of all the world regions. Click on the desired region you wish to explore.

North Am Resources Tab.jpg

Step 2

Once you click on your desired region, you will be taken to the list of all sites and locations in the region. For this example, I used North America. Each geographic entity is aligned left to right alphabetically with their sites and locations in a table underneath. You can view the visited and total sites for each entity as well as the region as a whole. If you accidentally selected the wrong region or would like to explore other regions select the compass icon in the top left and it will transport you back to the home screen. 

after alab.jpg

Step 4

Now that we have visited 1 site in Alabama out of 11, the progress is 9.09%. Return to the Home page to visualize your progress on Alabama's bucket list. The region is now noticeably lighter than the surrounding areas. How drastic the visual change depends on the percent completed. If you chose China with over 200 sites, it will very slowly become lighter whereas Arkansas with only 5 sites will be much more noticeable. 

alab resources.jpg
alab resources done.jpg

Step 5

Continue traveling and marking your progress on Create Your Own Journey. As you make further progress, the areas you have frequented will become ever lighter until you have visited all sites in the area. At this point the progress percent will turn green and show 100%. On the map, the completed region will disappear from the Home screen to show that you have no locations left to explore. You can add more sites to the region that you wish to see and watch it return to the map

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