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How it Works: Image

How Does It Work?

The Map

Above is the home page map of A Nomad's Guide to the Planet. In the beginning, each country is deep blue in color. As the blog progresses through the list, the geographic entities will increasingly get lighter and then eventually disappear from the map once all sites in the given region have been visited. In the top corner is the current count of the visited sites as well as the total number and the percent completed. As I currently reside in the United States and will travel more extensively in this country, the United States is further divided into its' subnational entities. 

The Setup

Each global region is highlighted on its own page which includes a map of the region as well as a list of all of the geographic entities with a progress report and links to each guide's page. The guide pages contain a map and a list of sites in the location. In the list, the sites not yet visited are marked with a red "X", and the sites already completed with a green checkmark and provide a link to the blog post for the site. For example, A Nomad's Guide to Texas lists all of the sites located in Texas and links to the blog post specific to that site.

The Blog

The focused site-specific posts will be only locations that have been personally visited and will describe the site, discuss its' unique qualities, and provide any personal advice and highlights of the site and the surrounding area. Personal photos of the focused site may also be added. Furthermore, each post is tagged with the country and region for which the site is located as well as with the type of site, for example, National Park, Historic District, or Castle. In addition to the site-specific posts, I will write posts about travel tips and tricks.

What Sites are Included?

Dependencies Listed Separately

I neither advocate for or against any political movements in any country mentioned in the blog posts. In light of providing a list in which every territory is accounted for in its relative geographic region, some entities have separate lists than their claimed country. This separation includes a plethora of dependent Caribbean and Pacific territories. To be included as a separate entity, the dependency must have a population of 5,000 or be located in a separate region. In addition, there may be political separations in areas that are not represented as separate entities, such as Western Sahara and Vatican City. I will make note of these inclusions in the posts that include these areas.

Personal Selections

Please keep in mind this is a personal list of places in which I would like to someday visit. Some sites that interest me may not be of interest to some, such as important historical LGBTQ+ locations. Of course, the world is constantly changing with many unique and important sites around the world plagued by both human and nonhuman threats as well as the continued establishment and recognition of new sites of merit around the world. Therefore, this travel list is not a fully complete and holistic view of tourism sites around the world and can never be.

Reader Input

Finally, I would appreciate any personal input from readers about possible sites to add or remove from the list, be it from the country you live or somewhere you have traveled. This list may seem heavily focused on countries typically associated with tourism as these locations generally have more advanced facilities and access to sites than places where the travel industry is undeveloped. On the other end, I am very interested in focusing more on underrepresented travel locations and am working diligently to increase site locations in these areas. Any reader input about unique locations in geographic entities without many sites is encouraged to reach out and inform me of these areas. One last note, the vast majority of the sites are locations; however, a few are festivals or events that are of extreme importance and provide a unique look at the highlighted geographic entity. In this aspect, I am also looking into increasing the number of special events placed on the list.

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