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The map depicts the geographic entity of Nevada and the surrounding area. As more sites are visited, the shading of the focused geographic area will turn increasingly lighter until all sites are visited and the progress becomes 100%. At this point, the area will become completely transparent with a black outline, thus eliminating the area from the bucket list. Moving forward, some sites may be added or removed from this list which may alter the current completeness of this region.



Basin and Range National Monument

Bellagio Fountains

Burning Man Festival

Freemont Street

Gold Butte National Monument

Great Basin National Park

Hoover Dam

Inyo National Forest

Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park

Las Vegas Arts District

National Automobile Museum

Red Rock Canyon National Conserve Area

Reno Arch

Reno Casinos

Springs Reserve

Stratosphere Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip and Welcome Sign

Virginia City Historic District


Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Black Rock

Las Vegas



Boulder City


Carson City

Las Vegas


Las Vegas



Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Virginia City

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